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Death, war and pain.

The civil war in northern Sri Lanka resulted in an estimated 100,000 killings over a 27-year period. Five years before the war ended, Sri Lanka was pummeled by a tsunami that killed over 30,000 people and displaced 1.5 million others from their homes. The hardships and atrocities the people of Sri Lanka have faced left them feeling hopeless, helpless and forgotten. Many are still suffering today as their homes, spouses and children have been taken away. While Buddhism and Hinduism are the main religions of Sri Lanka, One By One is bringing hope through the name of Jesus.


“I know God is going to do an incredible thing in the land of Sri Lanka through these beautiful widows.”

– Becky Murray


Widows Project.

One By One – in conjunction with local churches – is committed to helping needy widows and their families in the Vanni area, the neediest region affected by the war. Many of the widows, whose husbands were killed by bomb blasts, have nothing. They struggle for food, live in extreme poverty and don’t have access to basic hygiene products. Without assistance, these families are destined for a life of despair. One By One started its first outreach to northern Sri Lanka in 2016 and is currently committed to helping over 100 families affected by the war. Every ten days days, widows and their children arrive at local churches to receive food packages and be discipled.


Hope Sri Lanka Sponsorship

Your monthly sponsorship will allow a widow and her children to receive a bag of rice, flour, sugar, milk powder, chic peas, spices, salt and soap every 10 days. You can sponsor an entire family in need today!