Our story

About One By One

One By One is a missions organisation with a heart for the poor and broken across the Third World. Formed in 2011 by Becky and Matthew Murray, One By One has offices in the UK, USA and the African base, at King’s Children’s Home, Bumala B, Kenya. One By One also runs a widows’ programme in North Sri Lanka, working with women whose husbands were killed in the brutal civil war. In addition, The Dignity Project – that provides teenage girls with re-usable sanitary items and education – was formed in 2016, and has now expanded to several nations including Kenya, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, South Africa and Swaziland. The most recent project is King’s Children’s Home, Pakistan, rescuing children from brick factory bonded labour.

How it all began...

When Becky Murray spotted nine-year-old Felicity on the streets of Bo, Sierra Leone, in 2006, she knew she had to do something. Felicity was begging for money and had no shoes, so Becky and her friends stepped in to help. But what happened next changed Becky’s life forever. Felicity wrongly assumed that the only reason Becky had bought her shoes was so that she could get sexual favours in return. This horrifying and life-definining statement shocked Becky to the core – she knew she had to dedicate her life to helping children like Felicity. Although One By One now reaches tens of thousands of children per week, the organisation never wants to lose its heart to stop for one life like Felicity.