Dignity Project

Dignity Days

One By One has reached more than 8,500 girls through the Dignity Project in Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Pakistan. After receiving reports of children being trafficked in nearby villages in Kenya and hearing countless stories of sexual abuse, we knew we had to step in and take action.

Our Dignity Days gather hundreds of girls for information, education and transformation, as we explain the dangers of trafficking, give biological training and distribute our pink Dignity Bags to every girl. Where possible, representatives from the police and local government are also in attendance to support our staff, particularly in reference to sexual abuse warnings.

The bags

In many Third World nations, girls miss a week of school each month due to their periods, meaning they lose a vital part of their education. In our Dignity Bags, which are given to every girl that goes through The Dignity Project, girls receive three re-usable sanitary products. Developed in Uganda, the pads are washable and can last for up to one year. Dignity Bags also include two pairs of underwear and information about trafficking. Bags are given out at the end of each Dignity Day along with food and refreshments for the girls.

Now I can go to school and compete. This has given me a chance for the future

Faith, aged 14, Kenya

The vision

Our prayer is that the Dignity Project will expand to many nations across the world. With plans to reach Pakistan, South Africa, Swaziland and Cambodia in the near future, our heart is to help girls at risk of tracking wherever the need is greatest. The need is so great and the stories of sexual abuse vast, but we know that by helping girls in such a practical way, the love of God can reach them and they can receive the education that they all deserve.

Get involved

The Dignity Project is desperate for volunteers to come on board with a passion to fight human trafficking and stand up for oppressed women across the Third World. If you have a passion to join the Dignity team, please let us know. We are particularly looking for doctors and medics to help deliver teaching at our Dignity Days, and if travelling isn’t your thing, how about helping raise funds for The Dignity Project? It costs just £10 ($10) to purchase one Dignity bag. How many girls could you help us reach?

Give a girl Dignity (£10/$10 per month)