Our Home.

One By One built its first orphanage, King’s Children’s Home, in the village of Bumala ‘B, Kenya in 2012. The project cost £100,000 (approx $160,000), and has provided not only a beautiful home for the children, but a school also. We have more than 150 children in our care – many children who live in the home and others who attend daily for free meals and education as part of our Homebase project.



“I might not be able to change the world, but I can change one person’s world.”

Becky Murray, OBO Founder.


An estimated 100 million children spend their days on the streets around the world, homeless, orphaned and abandoned. Ten million of these children are totally on their own, uncared for and unprotected. Around 25 per cent of these have been physically or sexually abused while on the streets. One By One aims to make a significant dint in these horrendous statistics, and we’re starting with the ones in our care in Kenya. Bringing these children into a loving, warm environment is our aim, adopting the orphans into the One By One family and teaching them about God’s great love.


Many of our children are orphans due to either their parents dying or due to being abandoned. Our social worker stated in their report that many were previously at risk from starvation, child labour, rape and even torture. It is truly heartbreaking to consider what some of these children have endured. King’s Children’s Home has completely transformed their lives, giving them safety, stability and, most importantly of all, love. This is the first of many children’s homes that One By One plans to build throughout the world. Please become a part of our family by partnering with us in prayer and financial support.


Our School.OBO_Kings1

A vital part of any child’s growth is education, and we were delighted to open King’s School in conjunction with our home in 2012. Through the generosity of people throughout the world, we are able to employ skilled teachers, teach from national curriculum in a Christian environment and prepare children for their future careers. King’s School has exceeded its expectations and wealthier families have started paying to send their children there.


From the youngest child to the oldest, all of our children now know the importance of education. Whereas their aims in 2012 – when King’s opened its doors – was for a bowl of rice and a drink of water – children are now dreaming of becoming doctors, pilots, politicians and ministers. They know that through hard work and faith in Christ, nothing is impossible. Through God’s love and top class education, the futures of these children has surely been changed. Watch this space – we’re excited at what is going to happen.



Our Church.

The impressive King’s Church is the first evangelical project of its kind in the village of Bumala ‘B, Kenya. Adjacent to King’s Children’s Home and School, the two-storey church building with a balcony houses more than 600 people and since its completion, the church – in partnership with Apostle Restoration Ministries – has already experienced substantial growth.
Costing approximately £65,000 ($100,000), King’s Church provides a spiritual home for One By One’s children as well as locals in the village of Bumala ‘B.


OBO_bonnyThe region had never heard the Christian gospel until 2006 when Evangelist Nathan Morris led a team there to hold a crusade. The campaign was a resounding success – thousands gave their lives to Christ and there were many testimonies of signs and wonders. Local leaders were so pleased that they recorded the crusade in the village’s history books. As a result of the outreach, a church was planted in a small tin shack but the congregation soon became too large for the structure and One By One started to raise funds for King’s Church, which opened in 2014. King’s Church is led by Pastor Gerald Okoth and his faithful team in Kenya.