One By One built King’s Children’s Home, in the village of Bumala ‘B, Kenya in 2012. The project cost £150,000 (almost $200,000), and has provided not only a beautiful home for local children, but a school also. We have almost 200 boys and girls in our care – many who live in the home and others who attend daily for meals and education as part of our Homebase project.

Social workers stated in their report that many of our children were previously at risk of starvation, child labour, rape and even torture. It is truly heartbreaking to consider what some of these children have endured. But through Christian care and compassion, King’s Children’s Home has transformed their life, giving them safety, stability and, most importantly of all, love. This is the first of many children’s homes that One By One hopes to build across the world.


A vital part of any child’s growth is education, and we were delighted to open King’s School in conjunction with our home in 2012. Through the generosity of people throughout the world, we are able to employ skilled teachers, teach from national curriculum in a Christian environment and prepare children for their future careers. King’s School has exceeded its expectations – coming first in our region in the exam league tables – and wealthier families have started paying to send their children there. One By One also employs a schools outreach team, which, in partnership with Metro World Child, reaches up to 10,000 children in local schools every week with the gospel message.

I might not be able to change the world, but I can change one person’s world.

Becky Murray, One By One Founder


Christianity is at the forefront of everything that takes place at King’s. We believe only the love of God can truly transform a child, and many of our children have given their lives to Jesus, been baptised in water and filled with the Holy Spirit. With our on-site King’s Church and full church programme that reaches into the local community, visitors always leave spiritually refreshed after encountering the presence of God at King’s in a unique way. In recent years, One By One has planted a church in the nearby village of Mauko and holds regular outreaches across the region.

Get involved

1. Pray. We always need to increase our prayer support across the world, so why not sign up to our e-newsletter or follow us on social media for regular updates?

2. Give. Sponsoring a child (£18 or $30) per month is the easiest way of financially supporting King’s. Not only will it change a child’s life, but it’ll change yours.

3. Go. Our regular trips to King’s are life-changing. As you meet our children and connect yourself to God’s mission, you’ll be forever transformed.

Sponsor a child (£18/$30 per month)