Safe house

One By One’s safe house near Lahore, Pakistan, provides a refuge for children who have spent most of their lives working in brutal conditions amongst brick factories. Our social workers, carers and house parents are fully trained to provide holistic and restorative care to bring hope and life to these previous boys and girls, as well as full-time education with our partner school.

The safe houses opened with almost 40 children in May 2019 after funds for the project were donated within twelve months. Many of the children joining the home have physical injuries due to the tough conditions they have worked in for most of their lives. We have so far rescued 85 children from brick factory bonded labour in Pakistan.

Brick factories

There are 20,000 brick kilns in Pakistan, where adults and children are often duped into bonded labour by factory owners who give them loans. Families agree to work to pay off the debt but bosses add high interest and living expenses – making the debts impossible to pay off. Salaries for adults – who are forced to work at least 14 hours per day in brutal conditions – can be as low as $5 per day.

One By One recently launched an outreach project in Pakistan and is now reaching more than 1,000 children every week across 50 brick factories, spreading hope and good news.

In 2021, three-year-old Mercy was brutally raped and killed at a brick factory in Pakistan. Her body was left dumped in an office and when our team arrived, it was sadly too late. In September 2021 we launched Operation Mercy, where we extended our safe house and welcomed another 30 girls.

"... to set at liberty those who are oppressed."

Luke 4:18

Why Pakistan?

It wasn’t until 2018 that One By One made its first visit to Pakistan. A Dignity Day held near Lahore attracted more than 1,000 girls. It is said that this was the first event of its kind in Pakistani history.

One By One is working in partnership with individuals across the world to help raise these precious children in a loving, caring environment.

Get involved

We’re asking you to consider stepping in today and helping those who are bricked in by slavery. It is not currently safe for us to take team trips to Pakistan, but there are two main ways you can get involved:

Prayer – We desperately need faithful believers across the world to pray for the families and children to be set free by slavery.

Give – A small amount of money can make a huge difference. Would you consider either a one-off gift towards our Pakistan project or a regular monthly gift?


Help reach, rescue and restore lives in Pakistan