Afghanistan crisis

Following the recent crisis in Afghanistan, we have stepped in to help those who are fleeing the country’s troubles. Many Christians feared for their life when the Taliban group regained control, and there were reports of Christians being killed and targeted when foreign troops began to flee. There are now tens of thousands of people who have been displaced and in desperate need of assistance. It’s our privilege to step in and serve. One By One already has a safe house close to the Afghanistan border and we are working with our team there to constantly assess the needs and see how we can help.

Urgent needs

So far we have been able to navigate the safe transition of several families out of Afghanistan. We are providing them with temporary housing, food, clothing and assistance in obtaining the correct paperwork so that future work opportunities will open up. Not all the families we have helped are Christian, but our team has offered prayer support and encouragement to them despite the horrific situation. One of the women we helped was eight months’ pregnant and had to make the journey out of Afghanistan in horrendous conditions. But she is safe, well and being cared for by our team.

“The refugees came with just the clothes on their back. One of them was eight months’ pregnant. It’s our privilege to step in and serve.”

One By One worker, Asia

What’s next?

As we continue to raise support for our Afghanistan crisis appeal, our heart is to continue to support families and those affected by the troubles. On our last visit to the Afghan border, we met two children who had been found living in a public toilet. They had fled the troubles and were scared for their lives. Today they’re safe, loved and receiving an incredible education and upbringing at our secret location.

Get involved

We need your help more than ever – the needs keep increasing. As refugees are located to different countries, we want to be on hand to help them thrive. Your support will mean we can do more and reach more families with God’s love at this horrendous time. As the news unfolds and further reports come in, we are in regular consultation with our team as we decide the next steps in what we can do to bring hope to South Asia at this time.