Embrace the Journey


Becky Murray is a pioneer. Her heart is with the lost, parentless and abandoned, always seeking to reach and care for those in need. Her journey is one of the miracles, faith and perseverance, overcoming obstacles to achieve the plans that God has put in her heart. Whether it’s orphans in Kenya, widows in Sri Lanka, child slaves in Pakistan or vulnerable girls at risk of trafficking across the world, Becky’s life message to stop for the one has resulted in thousands of lives being changed.

We never know what lies at the other side of our obedience to God. Becky simply said yes and allowed God’s story to unfold through her life. Reading this book will inspire, encourage and challenge the reader to embrace all God has for them too, reaching the ‘one’ in their world.

‘You will be encouraged by Becky’s faith, stories and testimony. Get ready to embrace your journey!’ Dr R T Kendall

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