Mother Bumala


Worried locals in the rural village of Bumala ‘B, Kenya, dubbed Becky Murray the ‘white witch’ after One By One opened its first orphanage there in 2012. Today, her reputation there couldn’t be more different. Accepted by villagers and loved in the community, Becky – through the love and compassion of Jesus Christ – is now nicknamed ‘Mother Bumala’. Many of the children in King’s Children’s Home come from horrendous backgrounds, suffering abuse, violence and torture at the hands of their own family members.

Now in the One By One family, these precious boys and girls have seen their lives turned around, not only practically but spiritually. Read how God has used Becky throughout the world, seeing miracles of healing, salvation and deliverance. Muslims have converted to Christ in outback villages and Becky has preached the gospel in some of the world’s darkest places and seen God move in great power. Her journey started as a young girl, but it was only when she understood the power of the Holy Spirit and an intimate walk with Jesus that she began to see powerful results. Get ready to be inspired.

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