The Murrays

Becky Murray

Becky Murray is the founder and president of One By One. She is the author of ‘Mother Bumala’ and speaks regularly at churches and conferences across the world. Becky’s life was transformed in 2006 when a young girl she bought a pair of shoes for on the streets of Sierra Leone assumed she wanted sexual favours in return. This moment sparked the formation of One By One, and after being given some land in Kenya in 2009, King’s Children’s Home opened its doors in 2012. She is also the founder of the Dignity Project and co-leads Renew Church, Uttoxeter, UK, with her husband Matthew. Becky is the host of Embrace The Journey, to be seen on TBN UK, and the co-host of Into All The World. She has also featured on BBC, UCB, Premier Radio, Revelation TV and the 700 Club. The Murrays have one son, Josiah, who was born in 2011.

Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray is the CEO of One By One. He became a Christian in 2005 and was appointed as the Crusade Director for Shake The Nations Ministries. In 2008, he married Becky and began to support her in the formation of One By One. He travels extensively and speaks at churches and conferences across the world. Matthew contracted a deadly form of malaria in 2014 and all of his major organs shut down. He was given just three hours to live but following a global prayer campaign, he miraculously survived. Matthew has appeared on BBC, TBN, GOD TV, Revelation TV, The 700 Club, UCB and Premier Radio. He is also the Senior Leader of Renew Church, Uttoxeter, UK, and the co-host of TBN’s Into All The World TV series.

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