Nathan Morris
Shake The Nations Ministries

“I’ve had the privilege of working with this ministry from its conception. One By One carries the heartbeat of God for the poor and needy, and the life and ministry of Becky Murray is one of humility and a burning passion to reach the world through the power of the Holy Spirit. That is why, with full assurance, I urge you to join with this vision and be a part of what I believe is a ministry of integrity and passion for Jesus Christ.”


Pastor Bill Wilson
Metro World Child

“In the time I’ve known Matthew and Becky, I’ve witnessed their endurance and commitment for the ministry God has given them. They’re modern old-school – folks who see the need and answer the call with no hesitation, people who are not afraid to pay the price of full time ministry and all that it requires. One by One is a ministry that is fulfilling its name: focusing on the one, reaching the one, doing as much as possible for the one. God has blessed them with open doors and open hearts to reach one by one. I believe in what they’re doing and I look forward to the ways God is going to lead Matthew and Becky as they continue to press forward.”


OBO_Home_ref_cleddieCleddie Keith
Heritage Fellowship, Kentucky, USA

“From the first moment I heard Becky Murray speak of One By One I knew she had been given a mandate and the passion to pursue a vision on behalf of the orphaned and abandon children of the world. This requires a sacred trust, and God knows he can trust Becky. Becky is an inspiration to me and all those around her as she follows the Shepherd’s voice. One By One is Jesus to the little ones who are naked, cold, culturally imprisoned and above all hungry for the Bread of Life.”



David Jones
Royston Bethel Church, Yorkshire, UK

“I have known Matthew Murray for over a decade and have had the joy and privilege of supporting the work of One by One for several years. After hearing about Matthew and Becky’s ministry in Kenya, I have since had the wonderful opportunity of visiting King’s Children’s Home in Bumala. Myself, and the many people who have spent time there, can all testify to the great blessing of God upon the children’s home and church there.”



Gary Rucci
River City Family Church, Brisbane, Australia

“Matthew and Becky Murray are an outstanding young couple. Their love for Africa’s children and their determination to make a difference to their lives is evident. They possess the passion, leadership and strategic mindset to accomplish incredible things. What they have accomplished so far with One By One is great, with your support they can do much more.”